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Contractor coaching Programs

Join the 1000’s of contractors just like you that are Igniting, Accelerating and Fueling their business with our elite contractor coaching programs!

1on1 Contractor Coaching Programs

Are you a contractor who is finally tired of trying to figure it all out? Are you tired of the chaos and wearing all the hats and responsibility for your business?

Contractor 1-on-1 one has been our bread and butter contractor coaching program since 2013. In a little over 6 years we have taken a holistic approach to coaching well over 300 contractors to over $2.5 Billion in revenues using The Contractors Strategy Blueprint.

We take a hands on approach with our 1-on-1 clients starting at the beginning with their Foundational DNA strategies of leadership, culture, organization, finance, accountability and process. Hard to create a process if you don’t know how you will hold your team accountable, how you will manage your finances, how you will be organized or what your culture is. Last but not least if you don’t have the skills to lead, nothing we do will help. We can help you there too.

Once the foundation is in place we dig into your Operational DNA strategies. We will help you develop highly effective, cutting edge systems for your marketing and sales strategies to get more leads and make more profitable sales. Then we will dig into your production and technology strategies and finally finish with your training and recruiting strategies. Why in the world would anyone hire someone without knowing how they would train them quickly?

Our 1-on-1 clients are extremely successful with 82% of our clients at least doubling their revenue in the next 12 months after completing their coaching.

What’s Included:

  • Private Weekly 1-on-1 Call with Expert Coach
  • Membership in The Contractors Training Room for your team
  • Access to the Contractors Strategy Blueprint Modules
  • Guided OASIS²™ Objective Achievement Tool
  • Private Google Drive folder for all your coaching
  • Complete Custom System to turn your business into a dream making machine…

Our 1-on-1 Coaching is highly sought after and normally has a waiting list. We highly suggest filling out our Contractor Application.

Apply Now to see if you qualify for one of our life and business changing contractor programs.