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Contractor Radio Podcast

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Jim Johnson, contractor podcast host

Your Host Jim Johnson

Nathan Tebedo, contractor podcast host

Your Host Nathan Tebedo

Contractor Radio - the contractor podcast by CCP

Jim’s passion is to serve an industry that has served him well over the years. Many have told him he has a face made for radio so starting the Contractor Radio podcast was a no brainer. He hopes to not only entertain you but deliver value in every show that you can apply to your home services contracting business right away. 

Jim will be interviewing some of the most successful contractors, managers, salespeople and leaders in a variety of contracting niches knowing that what applies to one in most cases applies to another. He doesn’t just want these to be boring business interviews. We want to dig into what has made the contractors successful. The trials they have faced, the proudest moments, their greatest achievements and even some pretty funny experiences along the way.

Jim has worked really hard to ask great questions as a sales person, a leader and a coach. He plans to apply that skill to each episode of Contractor Radio.

Jim’s goal as host of Contractor Radio Podcast is to provide home services contractors with a wide range of entertainment, encouragement, inspiration and education. In other words we want you to get the confidence to believe in yourself and your team while enjoying the time you are doing so. He interviews industry influencers, educators, leaders and contractors who have been there and done that to help you do likewise, quickly.

Jim will also be doing shorter Contract Radio podcasts with training and motivation straight from the Head Coach to help you get better at what you do every week. This content will be based on the Contractor’s Strategy Blueprint which is the framework for all of ContractorCoachPRO’s coaching to help home services contractors succeed.

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Meet Our Contractor Podcast Guests

Contractor Radio Podcast

Joseph Hughes

Contractor Radio Podcast

Jonah Cafferty

Contractor Radio Podcast

Frank Kern

Contractor Radio Podcast

We are all about sharing info and helping the Contracting Industry as a whole. We need to up our game! Do you want to be a player? We intentionally are inviting members across the board so everyone has a voice. Keep in mind that any derogatory comments will not be allowed and if it becomes a problem your involvement in this group will cease. We are here to be helpful to each other.

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