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Lead Coach

Mike Bowes

Mike Bowes

Mike Bowes is one of our Head Coaches at CCP and he loves to “build and repair” businesses. Mike did his undergraduate work at Regent University in Organizational Development and his graduate studies at the University of Georgia in Finance. During his entire education, Mike was a construction professional, starting as a canvasser for a roofing contractor, knocking doors in 1996. Electrical contracting became his primary trade he, like most, started as a helper. Within six months Mike was leading installation crews. During his time in the trade he sold and managed over $30 million in construction projects, he wrote best-practices for a $125 million Texas-based contractor, and started his first (of many) contracting business.

Mike has started several successful small businesses, been involved in mergers & acquisitions, written business plans and strategic solutions for over a hundred businesses and nonprofits, Founder and Chairman of Grace Christian School, charter board member of Henrico Firefighter Foundation, serial entrepreneur, and ambassador for balance.

Not just a business coach, Mike has been coaching girls volleyball for almost a decade (which includes coaching his daughter) and no surprise here, Mike is the director of the entire program! He and his wife live in their hometown of Mechanicville, Va just outside of Capital City. They love their beach weekends and day-trips to Lake Anna with family.

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