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Finance Coach

Jenny DePoint

Jenny DePoint

This is Jenny DePoint. Jenny is our newly added addition to our great team. She’s our Finance Coach ready to take on any challenge, headache, or finance puzzle you throw at her. With over 10 years of experience in the construction industry alone, she’s seen it all and loves being able to solve new problems to make your business world less chaotic. Fixing your chaos is her passion!

Whether your financials are all over the place, you don’t even have financials, don’t know how to even read your financials, she’s there to explain it all so that you know your bottom line. Knowing that valuable piece of information will set you on course for being able to make accurate and responsible business decisions.

Jenny is a helper by nature and loves every opportunity to invest in each person and business she works with. Her goal is to provide you with all the skills, resources, and knowledge you need for the financial side of your business so that you can soar. Every problem has a solution and Jenny is just the one to get you there!

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