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Contractor events & TRAINING

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November 6-8

Orlando, FL


At Roofing Community, we’ve shifted the focus of the roofing industry from income to impact. Our mission begins with developing legacy-focused leaders in the industry. When you attend RoofCON, you’ll learn how others in the industry are finding true fulfillment and improving their quality of life by shifting their focus from income to impact.

December 7-8

New Braunfels, TX

Mission Control Retreat 2022

This annual event is designed to help you plan ahead for a year of control, growth and freedom. Our team will offer expert advice and industry insight with a hands-on approach, in which you will apply directly to your business for the year ahead.

Start the next year with the confidence and clarity that comes from having a deep understanding of your business, your values and your vision for the future.

February 27-28

New Braunfels, TX

Top Rep New Braunfels

Top Rep is a high performance sales training event created to help contractors increase their closing percentages by as much as 50%. Guided by the Top Rep Sales System, this training event is designed to dramatically improve sales teams by teaching and coaching the techniques of the Top Rep system, how incentive works, and the psychology of the sale.
Ramp up your sales skills and crush your sales goals with Top Rep!

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