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Today we’re going to talk about marketing and the mad science of it. It seems like it’s rocket science and all this difficult stuff. And we’re gonna have a guy on today that wants to make that simple for you, especially the one that seems to be the hardest. We can kind of figure out simple digital marketing tools such as Facebook Ads or Google’s “My Business”. But when we start talking about SEO, everybody thinks, “Oh, man, oh my god. I don’t want anything to do with that. I need somebody else to take care of that for me.” So, I wanted to bring on Dima Sobovoy, Roofing SEO School co-founder and, most of all, educator. So let’s talk about SEO.

I was learning SEO because it was fun. It was something that was interesting to me.

Dima Sobovoy

The way Dima and the Roofing SEO School approach SEO makes it seem simple, which is a sign of a good educator. “This idea that, ‘Hey, take this thing that’s complicated. Break it down into something simple.’ As with anything that’s easy to explain, it takes years and years to master how to explain that thing well. And, anyone who understands how to teach things only understands because they have done years and years of practicing these things. I was learning SEO because it was fun. It was something that was interesting to me. I wanted to figure out a way to make money online, to be honest. I wanted to find a way to almost make money in my sleep. I wanted to figure this out. I want to see what can be done and what cannot be done. The SEO school is about showing you and giving you those tools to empower you and equip you to be independent and comfortable and confident in doing these things yourself.” 

SEO is very fundamental, it’s free traffic coming from Google.

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“That’s really all SEO is: How to get that free traffic coming from Google to your website. But, not just any kind of traffic, not traffic from outside of your city or your services, or somewhere else in the different countries or parts of the world. Your traffic, your money traffic, and how to get that traffic without having to pay Google. That is SEO.”

The SEO school was created to help make SEO simple for contractors. “I think we often have this mindset of, “once I figure it out, I better keep it to ourselves. It’s better not to be shared. I’d better use it only for myself.” The SEO School chose a totally different direction. And to be honest, a lot of our peers were kind of confused about why we were doing that. Why would we be sharing all of these things that took us years to figure out? Why are we not monetizing this knowledge instead? But we just have a bigger purpose. For us, we want to bring real change to the industry that has a bad reputation. I wanted to take more of a radical approach and basically open the curtain and say, “Hey, this is easy.” 

SEO is organic. It draws the attention of Google based on what it is that you’re posting on your site. Part of the reason it’s mystified so much, almost considered to be dark magic, is because there is no blueprint out there. Google doesn’t like SEO because they want you to pay for their for-profit advertisements. Most of their revenue is generated through ads.

Fundamentally, SEO is this: What do you give to Google’s algorithm so that Google algorithm trusts you enough that it puts you naturally on the first page of the results?

 I always teach to just worry about what you can control, just get as many of those links, and get the highest quality ones, and that alone will separate you from your competition over time.

dima sobovoy

There are three things that Google considers when deciding who to trust: two that we control, and one that we don’t. The one that we don’t control is time. It’s age. The old guy gets respect no matter what. The other two are going to be content, written content on the website, and backlinks.

Backlinks are essentially votes. The more votes you can collect, the better. And the votes are in the form of links from other websites that you collect in your favor. It’s kind of like references on your resume. And that backlink, if you want the most powerful impact, better be in brand new written content pertaining to your industry.”

“If the content is outdated, let’s say you’re creating some kind of guide that’s outdated, obviously, after a couple of years, its value is gonna be different than today. But if it’s a timeless type of content, it’s there. And the only reason they could decline or the effect of that link could decline is just because the value of that website itself can go down, and cannot be trusted as much by Google, for whatever reason. Maybe their competitors are just overtaking their area. Or maybe they’re just not posting new fresh content. But that’s not something for you to worry about. I always teach to just worry about what you can control, just get as many of those links, and get the highest quality ones, and that alone will separate you from your competition over time.”

Jim Johnson is the host of Contractor Radio and the head coach at ContractorCoachPRO. He is also the best selling author of Contractor’s Blueprint.  

Jim has also teamed up with our Champion Sales Coach Chuck Thokey to present the TOP REP Immersive Sales Training Conference.  This is a two day conference where they share our proven TOP REP Sales System.  Results of this training have been phenomenal!  This is an opportunity to send your staff for the best sales training available.

ContractorCoachPRO has also launched our own “Purpose Driven” Social Network  called Contractor Collective.  It was built by contractors and vendors for contractors and vendors designed to help those who are professionals or want to be professionals to change the perception of the consumer of the home services industry.

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