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Contractor Training Room

“Where Contractors Train Like PRO’s!”

The Contractor Training Room was created to provide you with the training platform and content you need to turn rookies into PRO’s!

All contractors have the potential to be best in their field, but many don’t know how to achieve it. It is proven that having an organized, systematic, accessible training program is the single biggest factor in the ability to scale your contracting business quickly and effectively.

Any good coach knows that mastering a skill is due to engagement and reinforcement throughout the journey of a career. It is simple … learn a fundamental skill, master it, expand on it and watch it grow. High Performance Learning Paths (HPLP’s)!

While many of the other industry learning platforms have you believe that watching a video and taking a quiz will somehow make you an expert, we know that nothing good comes that easy.

The #1 reason a new recruit leaves a company is because of a lack of quality training.

Read that again! Then read on how to eliminate that problem with Contractor Training Room.. 

Contractor Training Room from CCP

The days of “ride along” training are a thing of the past! It takes forever and your teammates learn very little watching you do your job. They learn by doing, failing and learning from that failure. 

There is a reason why big companies are big, they train and practice all the time. Just like professional athletes, contractors need to train year round to be the best! 

Training and practice happens in The Contractor Training Room! Learn from expert coaches that have played the game, and taught thousands of sales reps, managers and owners how to play the game like a PRO!

With over 200 hours of training for marketing, sales, management, and leadership, The Contractor Training Room has you covered. 

What are High Performance Learning Paths?

From: Jim Johnson - Head Coach

For the first 50 years of my life I have been learning. Whether traditionally in school or college, or reading and attending seminars or just living life by trying, failing, and growing from each experience, I have been learning. 

For the last 2 years I have been learning how to learn…

Here is what I learned about learning, in our industry, we are way behind and we don’t really understand how learning works. 

We think because we told someone something they should now know it. We think because we showed them a couple of times they should “get it”. The truth is that if learning isn’t engaging and reinforced in a variety of ways often, we never truly LEARN it, we are simply mimicking someone else. 

When you LEARN something you understand it and are able to see it in a whole new way that allows your confidence and creativity to improve upon it because you really do understand it. 

In The Contractor Training Room there are certainly several courses you can take to learn HOW to do something but when you combine those courses together into a “Learning Path” the learner can choose what to learn, to achieve the desired result you are looking for. With courses to take, quizzes to pass, tasks & objectives to complete, peers to work with and leadership involvement they are much more engaged. Best of all they learn WHY they are doing something. 

The content they are learning is reinforced in several ways making what they have learned stick. 

HPLP’s have proven to increase results by 211% and you are 10 times more likely to retain that new hire than without these High Performance Learning Paths!

One of the biggest challenges we face as contractors who coach our own teams is dedicating enough time to training. Because of this we normally just give them the basics at best and it ends up being a sink or swim for this valuable new hire. 

If instead we could leverage expert content so our new hire can get the basic content online, complete exercises, practice and learn with their peers and get more advanced content as they learn, then we can dedicate more time to what we really want to do which is ensuring they know it.

Why Expert Online Training Gives You A

Time To Money. By training someone faster they make money quicker. The quicker they make money the more likely they are to stay. (Note: The company makes money quicker because of the well trained new teammate as well!)​

Lead generation is expensive and having your new teammates practice on those leads is like setting money on fire!

Having an online training program helps you hire better quality talent.

You worked hard to gain a great reputation. Just one untrained teammate can ruin years of building that trust in your market.

Online training saves you a tremendous amount of time and money!


Contractor Training Room

With all of our coaching content in The Contractor Training Room you don’t just get the knowledge but you get every tool and asset you need to implement what you have learned right away!


2 Different ways to access the valuable content in The Contractor Training Room

  1. A la Carte: Purchase specific single courses and learning paths for an individual teammate from our Catalog of content. Courses range in investment from $9 – $4900 depending on the value of the course.
  2. Subscriptions: (Best Value) – Get full access to the courses and learning paths in the Contractor Training Room with a subscription for your team! $329 per month for up to 3 users and only $69 for each additional user.

Best of all with The Contractor Training Room, there are no contracts! We have to earn your business. If it isn’t everything you need to get your team to be high performers, fire us by canceling at any time!


Don’t just take our word for it.
Hear what our customers have to say:

Heath Hicks

Owner AVCO Roofing

I have tried all of the other training platforms out there for contractors and nothing comes close to the value of the content in The Contractor Training Room for our team!

Jason Roderick

Sales Manager, Alden Roofing

The Contractor Training Room was invaluable to me successfully selling over $1,000,000 in my very first year as a sales rep at Alden Roofing. Since then, it has given me the tools to lead and manage our stellar team of reps to achieve their goals too! I don’t know where I would be without the training available through ContractorCoachPRO!

Matthew Jaynes

Director of Residential, KPost Roofing 

The Contractor Training Room has saved us so much time in bringing new sales reps up to speed quickly! The training is so deep and valuable we can train our reps on things year round which gives us a huge advantage over our competition. ContractorCoachPRO’s Contractor Training Room is our secret weapon in recruiting great reps who succeed right away.